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Baby Tyler kicks off Fundraising Before He’s Even Born

[06 Mar 2012]

When Tara Tingle found out at her baby would be born with a cleft lip, she decided to use her baby shower to raise money for CLAPA to thank us for the support and information she received throughout her pregnancy.

She held the baby shower with a group of family and friends in early September, and, with the help of her cousin Jade William, raised almost £240! Although she was due in late October, Tara welcomed baby Tyler into the world five weeks early in mid September.

Tara continued her fundraising with her 8-year-old nephew Riley Brain. She did some bag-packing at a local shop and he held a ‘Guess the Bear’s Name’ competition. Along with a candle party and a raffle, the two of them raised a further £100, with Riley making £22.60 with his Teddy Bear competition. The total Tara and her family raised was a fantastic £355.82!

Tara said: “I would like to say a big thank you to Jade Williams (my cousin) and my mum and dad (Steve and Debbie Tingle) as they have been a great help through all of the fundraising and general day-to-day. CLAPA have been fantastic to me and Tyler, we were happy to help.

Could you hold a baby shower, teddy bear's quiz or any other small event for CLAPA? Get in touch with us and we'll help you however we can.